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Lulu Tru Yoga Etiquette

Being yogis ourselves, we know that the yoga studio is a sacred place. We welcome any participant 12 or older, all levels, from the beginners to the experts, and want to make sure that everybody leaves having fulfilled whatever their expectations for their experience are. To ensure every person is satisfied, we have laid out a few yoga etiquette guidelines so that everybody continues to enjoy their time spent in our studio. 


Arriving Early | Once class has started, nobody likes to be disrupted and taken out of their special yoga mind-set. To avoid disrespecting the instructor and the entire class, aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before class is scheduled to start. Then you’ll have some extra time to relax, breathe, and grab your favorite spot. We understand that we all run late at some point, but if your tardiness exceeds 10 minutes, we’ll have to ask that you wait for the next class. 


Remove Your Shoes | The yoga studio is no place for dirty shoes. We don’t want your mats or bodies getting dirty! We keep it clean after class, but we have a designated place to leave your shoes and jacket so there is no water or dirt tracked upstairs into this sacred space, so we ask that you remove your shoes before going upstairs. 


Keep the Quiet | A yoga studio is a sanctuary to those who enter it: whether you are here for a work out, to relax, or to find peace, every person will appreciate the quietness that comes with being one with yourself. There is plenty of time after class to catch up with other students or the teacher, so during the class, enjoy an hour of peace and harmony. 


Turn off your cell phone | Turning off your cell phones (or keeping them downstairs) is essential; not only to respect those around you, but also for your own benefit. For you to fully concentrate on your body, you need to let go of those outside worries for an hour and focus on yourself. Turning off your cell phone and thinking about only yourself for an hour can do wonders to your stress level, trust us! 


Disinfect | Sweating is a good thing! But after class, those mats need a good cleaning. If you are using one of Lulu Tru's mats that we have provided, please spray the mat with the Thieves Spray at the top of the stairs and leave the mat out to dry. If you have brought your own mat, you are welcome to use the spray as well. This will make sure we stay clean and healthy!


Wear Appropriate Clothing | Nobody likes being uncomfortable during their yoga session. Picking the right clothing is essential to fully relax. Different clothing is right for different types of yoga. Baggy clothing can get in the way of certain poses, while clothing that is too tight can be too revealing and lead to a wardrobe malfunction. If you have any questions about what to wear or where you can get it, feel free to ask! 


Keep Your Belongings Downstairs | Floor space in the classroom can be limited, so we ask that you limit the belongings near your mat to the bare essentials. Leave your coat, purse, keys, cell phone, (turned off, of course) duffel bag and whatever else in the designated area downstairs. We ask that any valuables please be kept at home.


Consider Hygiene | Sweat is good—it’s a sign you’re working hard, and a healthy way to cleanse the body of toxins. However, if you’re prone to heavy perspiration, bring a towel to class to mop your brow (so you don’t drip on your neighbor’s mat) and wipe up any excess sweat on or around your mat after class, and remember that excessive perfumes or body odor can affect those around you.


Stay Until The End | The end of your yoga class allows you to come full circle and completely reflect on your session. Not only will leaving early disturb those around you in this very important meditation state, but it will rob you of the full experience. If you do need to leave at any point during the class, please be as polite and quiet as you can and, if possible, wait for a period of rest such as child’s pose.



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